Students who have qualified

The following is a list (in chronological order with the most recent first) of students who have passed their qualifications with Equine Podiatry Training Ltd.

Full contact details of those of our ex-students who are current members of the Equine Podiatry Association (and hence are up to date with Continuing Professional Development requirements) can be found here.

9th November 2020 Denise Powell DEP
31st July 2020 Jane Cadman CEP
27th September 2019 Sydne Pruonto DEP
11th May 2019 Kelly Brown DEP
25th January 2019 Kirsten Zaczek DEP
27th November 2018 Sally Chaplin DEP
12th November 2018 Marina Mackenzie DEP
22nd October 2018 Dannielle Millmore DEP
20th September 2018 Madeline Cousins CEP
13th August 2018 Aimee Curnow DEP
8th August 2018 David Bartley DEP
3rd July 2018 Danny Kennedy DEP
1st March 2018 Tracey Pettipher DEP
16th January 2018 Eve Cory DEP
16th January 2018 Amy Mitchell DEP
2nd January 2018 Alistair Taylor DEP
27th November 2017 Andrew Stevens DEP
26th October 2017 Emma Baker DEP
7th June 2017 Cheyenne Korbutt-Brown DEP
9th May 2017 Lynda Rolleston DEP
16th February 2017 Michaella Cooper DEP
19th September 2016 Carrie Rolfe DEP
29th August 2016 Rachel North DEP
2nd August 2016 Natalie Kitchener DEP
24th November 2015 Patryk Kozub DEP
16th Novemeber 2015 Elena Sparshott DEP
25th September 2015 Sarah Leggett DEP
2nd September 2015 Jenny Parsons DEP
18th August 2015 Catherine Warren DEP
28th June 2015 Mark Bailey DEP
23rd January 2015 Helen Stowell DEP
21st September 2014 Anna Curtis DEP
8th January 2014 Gillian Orr DEP
29th July 2013 Nicky Elliott DEP
24th July 2013 Nia Cooke DEP
18th June 2013 Lucy Harvey DEP
18th June 2013 Lisa Housden DEP
24th December 2012 Emma Burston DEP
11th October 2012 Vikki Fear DEP
29th June 2012 Patrick Meyer DEP
29th June 2012 Jane Tateson CEP
6th January 2012 Wendy Curnow DEP
11th October 2010 Sally Bell DEP
28th September 2010 Rohan Fox DEP
Note: DEP = Diploma in Equine Podiatry, CEP = Certificate in Equine Podiatry. Students require a DEP qualification to qualify for entry to the Equine Podiatry Association.