Sources of funding

Equine Podiatry Training Ltd does not currently offer any form of scholarship or bursary, but there are a number of possible external sources of funding that may be available to students wishing to train with us. The following list is intended to give some suggests but there may be other options not listed here. While we try to ensure that this list is accurate, inclusion in this list does not guarantee that a source of funding is applicable to our course.

The Free Childcare for Training and Learning for Work scheme provides up to £175 per child per week (higher if you live in London) to help with child care costs while training. The scheme is aimed at low-income, two-parent families, where one parent is in work, and the other wants to get into learning. More details can be found here:

Horizons Your Education has been developed by Barclaycard Horizons in partnership with Family Action (formerly the Family Welfare Association) to help lone parents with the costs of education and training that will improve their job prospects. Grants are awarded to help with expenses associated with a course of education or training, such as fees, books, equipment, travel and childcare. More details can be found here:

Redundancy packages. Some employers will consider providing a contribution towards the cost of retraining in the event of making an employee redundant. It is worth discussing such an option with your employer if you are currently in this situation.

Government agencies that can provide advice. Advice on sources of funding that may be available can be obtained from a number of government agencies including: DirectGov and the Young People's Learning Agency. It may also be worth contacting your local authority to see if any sources of funding are available.